Zeiss 8x45 Rangefinder Binoculars




These are unbelievable. I had the opportunity to try these at the factory in Germany, and they are wonderful. 

Victory 8 x 45 T* RF. Compact innovative binoculars from Carl Zeiss with combined functionality. Observation with high-performance optics. Precise Laser-Rangefinding. Ballistic Information System BISTM. 

Laser range finders are, today, a meaningful and accepted piece of equipment for determining range to game and correcting ballistic influences for a reliable shot. Now that Carl Zeiss has successfully implemented laser range-finding technology into its Diarange riflescope models, the company will turn to integrating it into observation instruments. The Victory 8 x 45 T* RF binoculars not only feature very bright and powerful optics with LED displays, its integrated BIS™ ballistic information system also delivers the information required to correct the holdover in a fraction of a second. Additional important features include ease of use and informative, not overloaded display concept - all in an ergonomical design for comfortable handling. Victory RF Innovative details. Brilliant optics. Bright image due to the 45 mm objective lenses. T* multicoating for maximum light transmission. Water and dust repelling LotuTec coating. Full field of view for eyeglass wearers. 

Waterproof and nitrogen filled housing made from Magnesium. Easy-to-grip, ergonomically shape. Standard binoculars design with movable hinge. Laser and receiver fully integrated in optics system, no third barrel. Individually adjustable and removable eyecups. Range measurement up to approx. 1200 m/1300 yd. Fast and simple handling with two buttons. Self-illuminating LED display instead of weak LCD display. Automatic display brightness control due to the surrounding light. Simple range-finding in meter or yard, without ballistic info. Range-finding with ballistic calculation for the holdover Ballistic Information System BIS. Scan mode beneficial for moving or small objects. Program selection via the SET button. One-Touch concept. Easy-to-activate, fast and precise measurement. Press the RANGE FINDER button: The LED target mark becomes active. Release the RANGE FINDER button: The measurement is performed and the distance displayed. Outstanding optics, mechanics and electronics with an ergonomic design for comfortable handling, Ballistic Information System BIS, Range-finding and determining the holdover.